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Watermelon Fruit

A. Brief History
The watermelon is fruit of the vine, herbaceous cultivation
English water called Mellon. Originating from tropical areas and ARIDO
Subtropical Africa, then expand rapidly in many countries such as Example:
South Africa, China, Indonesia and Japan. The family is included watermelon
Pumpkins-Labuan (Cucurbitaceae) in the region of origin is Favorita
Human / Animal on the continent, why not bag contains water,
Spreading Fast in a way.
2. Type IN PLANT
This sounds kind in medicine, watermelon varieties grown or are my only
interested in some kind of Farmers and consumers. Variety Indonesia
Suitable cultivated division into two groups: local watermelon (watermelon

Pasuruan black, stone and Watermelon Watermelon Sengkaling Bojonegoro) and
Hybrid watermelon imports (by cross hybridization) presentation that the Benefits
owner. In watermelon seeds classified sound basis in the temple to the country origin:
Seeds in Yamato, sugar Suika, Suika and other cream.

3. PLANT IN Benefit
PLANTS in watermelon grown by the USE as Fresh fruit, my
Young people are using it in the leaves and watermelon fruit vegetable material.

Watermelon is cultivated by the half used, flavor it has and
Tastes fresh, semi processed into snacks called “kuwaci” (preferably
Society as a snack). Leather is obtained reed watermelon pickles / pickle
en cucumber or other non-gourd type in Labuan.
Watermelon is grown as many countries to China, Japan, India and
Around the country by it. Plant the Sentra in Indonesia in Java in the center
(DI Yogyakarta, Magelang regency, and it Kulonprogo district), in West Java
(Indramayu, Falkirk), a Java-East (Banyuwangi, Malang), and in Lampung,
with an average yield at 30 t / ha / year.
5. CONDITIONS growth
5.1. Climate
1) Theoretically, precipitation is IDEAL for is space in the plant watermelon
40-50 mm / month.
2) All watermelons in the areas of facility needs to rise from Sunlight
sink. It has no Sunlight h decline caused
time collection.
3) The plant will grow at the watermelons grow Degree in and bring with FRUIT
Optimal at a temperature to ± 25 ° C (day).
4) The ideal temperature is watermelon plant is the daily temperature bagipertumbuhan
including averages between 20-30 mm.
5) tend to be low when the sun shines on the damp area
planting, Air Dried significant poor water evaporates. Count suitable condition
for plant growth watermelon, his plants Why tional autochthonous
Pumpkin live in dry desert air. On the contrary,
the humidity is too high will promote growth in the harmful fungi
5.2. Media in plant
1) The condition of land suitable for growing watermelon land is fairly
crumbly, rich in organic matter, rather acidic soils and Garden Soil / paddy
which has been dried.
2) the Soil acidity (pH) is required from 6 to 6.7. It is pH <5.5 (acidic soil)
calcification then held with doses adjusted to the level in acidity
3) Land that is by watermelon is not suitable porous growing medium (nest)
so easy to get rid of excess water it is too easy my land
water is not good to throw the watermelon growing.
Place 5.3.Ketinggian
Altitude IDEAL by the sound watermelon cultivation areas are: 100-300 m
above sea level. It may be that in watermelon planted near the beach area
has an altitude of 100 m above sea level and the Lower Hill height
most 300 m of sea level.



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